We are giving you a super special Nerd Nite in May where we bring back our favourite speakers. Come re-visit the best of the best speakers who will be talking about vaccines, cephalopods and how your memory affect who or how much you love.

Our friends at Mr Wow’s Emporium will be hosting us again with cold beers and delicious food from the Vodoo Jerk Truck.  Be there and be square!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015
at Mr Wow’s Emporium
97b Smith Street, Fitzroy
Doors 7pm/$5

Back to the lectures at hand:

*Presentation 1
Beginners guide to making a vaccine
by Dr Kylie Quinn

Description: An essential but often lacking skill in this modern erais the know-how for whipping up a vaccine. Kylie will provide a crash course in the components that you will need to make your very own vaccine; including case studies of vaccines that have ended plagues, vaccines that continue to contain infections, and vaccines that we very much hope will provide protection against the most frightening of modern infections.

Bio: Dr Kylie Quinn cannot teach you French or help you fix your carburetor but, damn, can she make a vaccine. She spent her PhD at the Malaghan Institute in New Zealand trying to make the TB vaccine a little less rubbish. She then spent 5 years at the National Institutes of Health in the USA working on vaccines that are in trials for HIV, Malaria and Ebola. Back over this side of the world, she is at the University of Melbourne working on vaccine solutions tailored to the needs of the elderly. Your Nana would love her.


*Presentation 2
Cephalopods! The Impossibly Awesome Invertebrates
by Aerie Shore

Description: An abundance of recent scientific research has cast illumination on the remarkable intelligence, curiosity, and physical adaptations of the noble cephalopod. Join Aerie for a comprehensive tour of the biological, anatomical, and behavioral magnificence of these fascinating creatures. Camouflage techniques, bizarre mating habits, and physiological mechanisms influencing modern robotics will be enthusiastically explored. Well-deserved emphasis is placed upon the octopus.

Bio: Aerie Shore studied marine and animal biology at Santa Barbara City College in the United States. She recently participated in the Faculty of Science Northern Hemisphere International Scholarship at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, which ultimately led her to Australia in the name of scientific inquest. In addition to academic pursuits, she is an avid cephalopod enthusiast and spends an alarming amount of time researching these majestic creatures recreationally.


*Presentation 3
Love’s memory, forgetting, and remembering
by Dr Jee Hyun Kim

Description: What is the role of memory in love? Can we change love by changing the memory? Or is it that love changes and the memory follows? How do we forget? How can we not forget?

Bio: Jee is a self-proclaimed queen of nerds whose PhD completion in Psychology at the University of New South Wales was slowed down by her dedication to saving Azeroth 2005-2008. Following a postdoctoral training at Michigan University, she moved to Melbourne to become the youngest laboratory head at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. Her work focuses on the neuroscience of good and bad memories underlying anxiety and addiction in childhood and adolescence using rodent models. She has received various awards and major grants including the University Medal in Psychology and the Australian Psychological Society early career research award. She strongly believes in the importance of treating mental disorders early in life, a topic she shared recently at TEDxMelbourne. She features regularly on radio and television to discuss memory and forgetting, and lists Beyonce, Kerrigan, and Ronda Rousey as her inspirations.