It’s the second Nerd Nite Melbourne show of 2024 and we have a fantastic line up of speakers including two alumnerds and a brand new nerd to welcome to nerd nite!  Join us for a bevvy and learn about the wonders of the Great Southern Reef, dying at home and death literacy, and our leaps in bounds in how we measure time. 

Be there. Be square.

Wednesday, 10th April
Howler (7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick)
Doors: 7 pm
Show: 7:30 pm
Tickets: $15 + BF – Available now!!!

The beauties and the beasts of the Great Southern Reef

Elodie Camprasse

Around 70% of Australians live within 50 km of the Great Southern Reef. Yet, very few of us know about the Great Southern Reef’s presence, let alone its importance and unique marine life. The Great Southern Reef is a series of interconnected, temperate reefs, which stretches along 8000 km on the Southern coast of Australia, from Kalbarri in Western Australia to the NSW/Queensland state border. The Great Southern Reef plays a vital role for our economy, our wellbeing, and for biodiversity. A majority of species that live on the Great Southern Reef are found nowhere else in the world. Dive in (from the comfort of Howler) with Elodie to discover some of the most quirky and bizarre inhabitants of our blue backyard and the amazing adaptations that make them unique.

Bio: Elodie came to Australia about 8 years ago to do her PhD at Deakin University. She fell in love with Australia’s biodiversity, particularly in urban areas, above and below the surface. She used tiny devices to sneak into the lives of penguins and shags and understand their hunting strategies. She really enjoyed being a penguinologist (anyone who thinks this isn’t a proper job title can argue with her over a drink at NerdNite!). But a few years after her PhD, she decided that helping solve the mysteries surrounding the great spider crab annual gatherings was going to be her next endeavour. Her passion lies in better understanding marine environments and increasing awareness for the biodiversity of the Great Southern Reef. When Elodie is not busy teaching people how to make vegan cheeses, helping people connect with nature and wildlife or communicating science, you can find her underwater, taking photos of the unique, weird and amazing creatures that call Port Phillip Bay and the Great Southern Reef home.

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Yes, you CAN die at home with your family and pets around you without carer burnout!

Annetta Mallon

Based on original research with end of life doulas in four countries, a gap in the compassionate community models at the micro level was uncovered and a solution created. The Mallon Model is a simple, easy to reproduce approach to organising a support network that both helps eliminate carer burnout and keeps network members engaged and supported. Try it and see, it’s also easy to personalise and adapt for disability AND home-based rehabilitation. Fun, fun, fun!

Bio: Dr Annetta Mallon is a Tasmanian resident with a PhD in qualitative social science research, an accent that slides around a LOT, and an unstoppable interest in Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels – particularly the anthropic personification of death and the Ramtops witches. Her fascination with supporting the dying and their networks to communicate well began when she was young, and as Death Literacy Barbie she advocates for beginning as you intend to continue with the important end of life conversations and planning!

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Shane Huntington

Over the centuries our understanding of time has changed radically. We have progressed from rudimentary ways to measure time with light to the construction of exquisitely accurate atomic clocks. Our ability to measure time is now so powerful that it helps us understand the universe itself. In this talk, Dr Shane will talk about how a facilitation with time inspired him to become a physicist. Your love and appreciation of time will be forever changed!

Bio: Dr Shane Huntington OAM is the Host and Producer of 3RRR’s science program Einstein A Go Go – a show he has been broadcasting for 30 years. He is also the CEO of the kids’ cancer charity Little Big Steps – providing exercise medicine support to kids across Australia. Shane is a Senior Associate with Outside Opinion, Director of the Innovation Group Pty Ltd, and works as a Speaker and Consultant in Strategy & Communication

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