In June we bring you speakers who will discuss food labelling, beer and ethical hacking.

Our friends at Mr Wow’s Emporium will be hosting us again with cold beers and delicious food from the Vodoo Jerk Truck.  Be there and be square!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015
at Mr Wow’s Emporium
97b Smith Street, Fitzroy
Doors 7pm/$5

Back to the lectures at hand:

*Presentation 1
Making sense of food labels
by Sivan Kohn

Description: Do you dream of a fridge bursting with healthy groceries and a pantry overflowing with nutritious goodness? How can we be expected to make good choices when there are endless and confusing facts, numbers and details plastered on the average food package? Help is on the way! Sivan will give you the tools to make informed decisions and healthier choices. We will decode those pesky numbers and confusing tables through the awesome powers of scientific geekiness.

Bio: Sivan Kohn has been fascinated with science and health ever since she got her first home lab kit at age three!  She is a Clinical Pharmacologist with a Master of Public Health and over 15 years experience working in health and public health.  Sivan has worked internationally for leading health organisations, including: Johns Hopkins University, The State Government (Victoria), Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, The Office of the Surgeon General of the USA and The International Red Cross. In 2013, Sivan founded Buzz Biomedical which uses a scientific approach to correct misconceptions and decode the confusing and conflicting health information we are constantly exposed to.  Sivan has been interviewed by SBS Radio, appeared on expert panels and has published her work in professional and peer-reviewed journals.

*Presentation 2
The wonder of beer
by Miro Bellini

Description: A brief, dot point history, roughly covering 20,000 years of human development caused and spurred on by beer. The most important human discovery.

Bio: Miro Bellini is a beer educator and proudly one of the co-founders of Melbourne’s Good Beer Week. He has been selling beer for 3 years, and a beer sommelier for 2 years. Mir has been hosting beer events for 11 years.

*Presentation 3
Ethical hacking
by Salvatore Coiro

DescriptionAs hacking has become a viable business and an industry in itself how do we begin to distinguish between the good guys, known as whitehats, and the bad guys, known as blackhats.  Has our industry evolved to include a third type, greyhats? What are some of the challenges facing our whitehats today? Releasing of vulnerabilities to the public is one area where our industry is still trying to answer the ethical question.. we have told the client and the vendor about the vulnerability but no-one has done anything about it, do I release it to the public? Further to the ethical aspects of the professional industry, as the end user (you!) is becoming more IT literate and IT systems becoming more user friendly, the wider public now also has the ability to “hack” into systems, sometimes without even knowing they are hacking.  Let’s go through some examples and plant the seed into peoples minds about what is right and what is wrong while we wait for the law to catchup…eventually.

BioSalvatore’s love for computers began with the commodore 64, then the amiga 500…ok, most time was spent playing games but over time he began to code various useless things and thought it was never going to lead to a job with a weekly income. Fast forward the next 20 years and Salvatore has been hacking systems all over the world across almost every industry finding things that would make your mouth drop.  He spent almost 4 years in NYC flying all around the US hacking hacking hacking. Now he leads one the regions largest teams of dedicated computer hackers as well as working very closely with a dedicated team in Israel.