Every so often we like to shake it up a little. After last year’s highly entertaining talk “Wowsers, Weirdos, Wonks: Australia’s Stranger Social Groups of Yore,” we invited Jack to show us a slice of his Melbourne while on foot. Thus, Nerd Nite Melbourne’s first ever walking/stumbling tour was born.

Date: 20 March 2019
Start: 6pm (promptly) @ Imperial Hotel, 2-8 Bourke Street
End: ~8pm @ the Grand hotel
Distance: 2kms
Refreshments will be available enroute
Limited to 25
Cost: $20 (tickets) SOLD OUT

***Dirty Deals: The Making of Collins Street***
with Jack Dunstan

Description: Collins street, now famous for luxury shopping and private enterprise, used to have a small town feel. Warehouses, private houses and public spaces have all been eaten up or sold out for the glass and concrete aesthetic. On this single street walking tour Jack Dunstan will explain how the public interest was put aside and the big end of town got its name. Learn how bird droppings bought a Collins street address, and why Melbourne had the most beautiful warehouses in the world.

Bio: As part of varied career, Jack Dunstan has gone from making wine to nursing to pixelating people’s genitals in video evidence for the Supreme Court. Through it all his bowerbird nature to collect trivia on Melbourne’s past have been seeking an opportunity to be shared. This walking tour is an opportunity to enjoy a local’s perspective of Melbourne, past and present, and get and insight into how Melbourne became a patchwork streetscape that is so familiar to us today.