Hello Dear Nerds,

COVID-19 is impacting all aspects of life and Nerd Nite is not immune. With cancellations piling up, this news is probably not terribly surprising. We have made the decision to cancel our 20 April show. We will miss you all very much but we believe in evidence-informed decision making and all evidence points to flattening the curve. It’s prudent to cancel. We will be back in due course, but in the meantime, get your nerdy fill by checking out past talks from Nerd Nite cities around the world on the global YouTube channel. And we’ll continue posting fun and fascinating stories to Nerd Nite Melbourne in FB.

Oh and please, do us all a favour, wash your hands (while singing something nerdy for 20 seconds), check in on people who live alone, observe physical distancing, and take care of yourselves. Heart, mind, spirit, the whole thing. Live long and proper.

Your Melbourne Nerd Bosses